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Our phone number has changed! To reach us, please call: 610-455-1360.

the list of new staff extensions is located on our "Staff" page, which can be found on the left. 

Attention Engineers/Applicants: The Chester County Conservation District is accepting, and highly encouraging, DIGITAL application submissions for the Erosion & Sedimentation Program.  Submission of hard-copy applications to the office will experience delays in processing due to workflow disruptions due to the pandemic. See the External Process for Digital Submissions for specific instructions.   

Please note:

when mailing checks and pages 1&2 of the District Application to our office, please send them via REGULAR mail.

The Chester County Conservation District will be available to the public for drop off or pick from 8:00 – 2:00, Monday through Friday.  Visitors are encouraged to make drop-offs in the common area on the inside the public entrance.  Please call ahead to arrange for pick-ups to be placed in the common area  by staff. All meetings with staff are by appointment only. Visitors must go through a health screening before entering the building.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. Please stay healthy, stay safe.
Notice: Please see our recent press release for recently funded projects in Chester County:

Three Pollution Control Projects Funded in Chester County

Chapter 102 Permitting Update



An updated version of the PCSM Spreadsheet has been posted to DEP’s website (version 1.7).  This version includes two updates to the way water quality calculations are handled: 1) a more detailed method is provided, as an option, for untreated stormwater, by allowing the user to characterize the land cover within undetained areas, and 2) pollutant loads are no longer calculated for outflows from MRC BMPs, as those flows are considered “managed.” 

Use of version 1.7 is not required.  Version 1.6 (or later) is required, although if an applicant is having difficulty meeting water quality requirements on a site, it’s recommended to use version 1.7.

There have also been updates to the MRC documents (MRC paper, FAQ, Design Examples, and Design Summary Sheet).  The updates are intended to clarify some issues that have come to our attention concerning complex sites, as well as update old references to worksheets that were previously used.  None of the actual design standards have changed.

Effective December 8, 2019

New forms are required to be submitted for applications for coverage under PAG-02 and Individual NPDES Permit Applications. Please visit PA DEP’s E&S Resources website, located here, for links to the new documents (including applications, forms, instructions, and modules). It is recommended to schedule a pre-application meeting for all proposed projects needing NPDES permits. Please contact Gordon Roscovich, Urban Team Leader, if you have any questions.

On December 6, 2019, CCCD notified permittees, operators, and plan designers of projects with active coverage under PAG-02 General Permit authorizing stormwater discharges associated with construction activities of effective changes to their permit. DEP is asking that permittees submit an acknowledgement form directly to them for each PAG-02 permitted project site.

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